Pick-Your-Own Apples

U-Pick on apples is offered Saturdays and Sundays through September and October.  

Please note...weather conditions affect apple production, and all varieties may not be available every year.  Also, apple varieties ripen at different times throughout the season, and one variety may be "picked out" before the next variety is ready.  

We keep our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our phone message updated; check for availability before coming out!

Please read rules below.

Rules of U-Pick

Lauren Clark Photog

- Only pick in the designated area (why would you want to pick apples that don't taste good yet?) Some varieties of apples look ripe well before they are!

- Remember, this is a working farm, not a park.  Wear appropriate clothes and shoes for wet grass, rough ground and weeds.

- Don't climb the trees - it could hurt the tree, and you too!

- Don't yank on the limbs; it knocks too many apples to the ground.  Carefully choose your apple, twist, and pull gently.

- Pick only into the baskets or bags we provide.  You may transfer the apples to your own container after paying.

- Children must be supervised at all times.

- No throwing apples, dumping them on the ground, or abandoning full baskets after picking.  PICK ONLY THE APPLES YOU INTEND TO KEEP AND PAY FOR!  Failure to follow the rules will result in being asked to leave.

- Treat your apples with care and refrigerate them when you get home for best crunch.

- If you have any questions, just ask the orchard monitor!  She/he will be happy to help you!